Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Weeks Today

We're finding out that, even though we've both traveled, planned trips, raised support for previous missions trips, we STILL have so much to learn.  

It's been a frustrating past couple of days, to be honest.  We have been receiving mixed messages regarding the visas and flights, which makes it all the more nerve-wracking when we remember that we have exactly two weeks to finish the details for this.  

I'm writing this earnestly pleading that you will pray with us.  We have a ton of little stuff left, but the flights and visas are HUGE things.  It's amazing that one rut in the road seems to erase the memories of God's goodness, and His past miracles.  We don't want to forget all that He's done for us so far.  

Here are some reminders of His grace:

1. On Friday, September 7, we made it to the half-way mark!  We only need $5,000 more!
2. Our return train tickets from Port Huron, MI to Chicago IL only cost $112.
3. We have been able to keep in touch with the team down in Brazil
4. We have wonderful friends, family, and mentors who care about us and pray for us
5. We have a home church that is supportive and loving
6. We've learned a lot about the mission application process
7. It's made our relationship stronger, as well as strengthened our relationship with those who've agreed to pray for us and support us
8. It's kept us humble

Thank you for your continued support for us. 

Please pray that God will place on people's hearts a desire to give financially, so that we can reach our goal of $8000 by Friday, September 14, and keep us in your prayers regarding the flights and visas.

Jake is speaking at a youth retreat this week-end, and he would appreciate your prayers as he prepares his messages amidst the stress of travel prep.


Ashleigh and Jake

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  1. Our prayers will continue to be with you as you wait on the Lord.
    Just read your blog and we will be praying for all the things that are still in progress for the preparations and we will also be in prayer for Jake as he prepares to speak at the youth retreat this weekend. Looking forward to your visit this week as well
    Lots of love from Nan and Pops