Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 1/2 Weeks!!

In 19 days, Jake and I will be on a train bound for Chicago, where we'll begin four days of orientation.  

I gave you a teaser on Facebook, but we're both really excited about this, so I'll give the full story.  We're still at less than half of our support needed, but we're not worried, because we've had quite a few people tell us they would like to support us financially, AND our God is great, is He not?!

Many of you know that we were given a deadline from TEAM, and we had to have the total amount of support in by a certain date, or we would have to postpone the trip until January.  

If we can make it up to the half-way point (which is $5000) by this Friday, Jake and I are able to put the shortfall amount in what TEAM calls an 'escrow' account, to ensure that we're able to go this fall, rather than postponing until a later date.

That means we only need $1400 by Friday and we're able to go to Brazil this fall!!

We are still able to receive support after Friday, so don't worry if you've felt God leading you to give.  TEAM will reimburse whatever amount Jake and I personally will have had to place in our escrow account once we receive adequate funds after September 7.

However, we are praying that we won't be put into that situation, but that God will provide all of the funds we need by the end of this week.  This has been a time of learning, stretching, and trusting. 

I know that there are many who don't believe it's right for missionaries to raise support, and there are some people who merely support themselves and go, which is fine.

But this venture is not just about us.  It's about glorifying our Lord, spreading the Gospel, and how God wants to get His church involved in the lives of people who desire to serve Him in this kingdom work.  

So thank you for getting behind us, coming alongside us, and praying for and supporting us.  Jake and I have been so encouraged and overwhelmed by friends and family who call us on the phone, invite us over for dinner or coffee, just so that they can pray, asking God to do His good and perfect will.

The exciting part about prayer is that when we pray, God hears us.  Sometimes His answers aren't always what we want them to be, but sometimes they're even better than we could have dreamed.

Jake and I got the go-ahead from TEAM to book our tickets, so I was looking into travel from Canada to our orientation destination, Wheaton, IL (near Chicago).  Instead of taking a plane, which was going to cost anywhere from $400-900 for a return ticket, I found out that there is a train (the Amtrak) which goes from Port Huron (across the border from Sarnia, only a 2 hour drive from us here in Cambridge) to Chicago.  It's almost a 7 hour trip, but, get this:

A return ticket only costs $58 each!!

We were super encouraged by this.  Not only do we get to travel on a train (which I have never done before), but we get to travel for cheap!

Some things to keep in prayer:

  • pray that we can find a decently priced flight from Chicago to Brasilia
  • pray that, once we apply for our Brazilian visas, they will be processed quickly
  • pray that Jake and I will feel God's peace rather than succumbing to the irritability and stress that often comes with planning a trip like this
  • pray that God will be glorified and that our hearts will be blessed as we prepare to serve cross-culturally
  • pray that God will provide, not only the minimum amount, but the rest of our support by Friday, September 
We love you all and feel your prayers.  Thank you!

Ashleigh and Jake

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  1. How exciting it is to read your update today and know that things are moving ahead for your mission trip.
    We do not need to put time restraints on God if we are working in His will and we thank Him with you the way things appear to be moving ahead for you to go ahead and make arrangements.
    So glad that many are coming alongside you both in prayer and with the necessary funds that are required and we are also praying that even in the short time that is ahead that everything will continue to fall into place for you to head to Brazil on schedule.
    Much love
    Nan and Pops xoxo