Saturday, June 30, 2012

May Update

Dear Family and Friends,
As many people have been spending time in the tropical south, we have been preparing for a trip of our own. On October 1st 2012 we will be boarding a plane for a 3 month term of service in the vibrant country of Brazil.

Over the years, God has been growing in both of us a passion for global missions. We are very excited to follow the next chapter in God's leading by stepping out in faith and getting our first taste of overseas ministry together as a couple.

We have been accepted by TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission), a Bible-based missions organization committed to planting and equipping churches around the world. For our trip they have connected us with a seminary in Anapolis, Goias, which specializes in training Brazilian nationals who are committed to serving God in missions. Although many details are still subject to change, we have been asked by our representatives to be prepared to serve by teaching English, mentoring, and discipleship, as well as other practical and administrative responsibilities as needed. In addition, we will be taking some very intentional time to learn from more experienced missionaries, as well as the national mission students and church leaders, about how we may best prepare for long-term ministry. We're aware that there will be challenges and adjustments along the way, but our desire is to be obedient to Christ and do the work He's calling us to do in faith and expectation that His kingdom will be advanced through us.

As friends and family, we need a couple of things from you.

First, we need prayer, and lots of it. Right from the start we have been facing challenges, even with the application process itself, but we know that God has had a purpose and a plan behind everything and that in spite of what we may perceive as delays and setbacks, his timing is always best. Prayer is the only thing that will allow us to serve faithfully and effectively for the advance of his kingdom and the spread of the gospel. For this reason, your prayer is essential for us, not only leading up to the trip, but especially during our three months away. Please consider how you can come alongside us in this way.

Second, we will also need financial support. The total cost of the trip is $9200, which includes everything from flights to our room and board. We need to have this amount by September 15, 2012 in order to leave by October 1st. As believers, we are confident that God provides for our every need, and we pray that the right people will be encouraged to partner with us as we seek to be follow God's leading.

We are looking forward to what God holds in store, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Jake and Ashleigh


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